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Thread: BLF on Aastra phone

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    Hi can you add the compatibility with the Aastra phone to use the busy lamp field, too show phone and line is on hook. This option work very great with (*) PBX.

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    The Aastra phones can already do BLF with Quadro.

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    i try it but its don't work

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    I'm using an Aastra 9133i and have BLF working.

    You need to log in to your Aastra's Web GUI. Go to the Programmable Keys page, and set the Hard Key type to BLF, then enter the extension no. of an extension you want to watch. Done.

    Also, restart the phone after your make the change.

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    it's work now[img]smileys/smiley5.gif[/img] i don't chek with the new release

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    we have a proble with this fonction. Whene i call ext. set up on the BLF fonftion all phone with this BLF ext. fonction ring 1 shot. Is not very cool.

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    On page Basic Settings - Preferences you will find a setting called "Play a Ring Splash". If it is enabled you will get a short ringing... just disable it...

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