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Thread: Snom Phones Not Registering on 16X

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    Exclamation Snom Phones Not Registering on 16X

    I have a customer with a couple of 820 Snom phones that won't register.

    I am considering factory defaulting the phones to see if they will register. I would like some opinions on doing this, or any alternative suggestions.

    I also need to know the proper steps to default the phones.


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    Hello Hugo.
    Short way to configure phone on Quadro is PnP method. Enable PnP for IP lines checkbox from Quadro GUI Telephony-> Line Settings. After this reset factory values on phone from Menu-> Maintenance-> Reset Values. Password 0000

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    We have Lync 2010 Regular Server set up (Business Tone of voice users allowed). We now have Snom mobile phones such as 300, 870, m9, and so on. with OCS Edition firmware set up.

    However we're not able to link these to to Enterprise Tone of voice enabled users within Lync 2010 Host.

    As we setup OCS accounts within Internet interface of Snom phone, it cannot connect to Lync 2010 Server along with mistake Four hundred and eighty Short-term Unavailable.

    What we need to set up within Snom phones as well as Lync Host to connect them to one another?

    Perhaps there is some manual relating to this?

    Big Many thanks ahead of time!!!

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