Hey Guys,

I am using a Siemens A580IP base set with three A58H handsets registered to a quadro 2x running firmware version 5.2.48. I also have serveral other snom phones registed to the same quadro.

The A580IP has three accounts registered back to the quadro so the handsets can act as extensions. All is well in the world with all incoming, outgoing, internal calls working perfectly.

However, the problem arrises when a call to one of the co0rdless handsets needs to be transfered to another extension. I am aware of how to transfer between cordless handsets on the same base, but not via the Epygi to another extension.

I have read the A580IP section regarding setting up the "R" Key functions for VoIP (Hook Flash) but just cannot get the transfer to work.

Has anyone managed to do this and can provide detailed setup info?

Any help much appreciated.