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Thread: Yealink IP Phone provisioning

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    Default Yealink IP Phone provisioning

    Noticed that on the LAN, the Yealink IP phones, e.g. T28, T20 works well and gets auto connected when the MAC and line is defined for Quadro8ML (Version 5.27). However, I am beginning to notice that even if I don't define the MAC address, e.g. new phone unit, the connected Yealink IP phone gets automatically provisioned and even enables a Line that is disabled.

    This came about by having a Quadro8ML and Quadro6L connected on same network and at times the Yealink phone gets auto-provisioned on the other unit even when the MAC address is not defined.

    By inference, that means one can connect a new Yealink phone on the LAN and automatically it gets provisioned for use.

    Is the observation correct and if so, is there a way to stop this from happening?

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    disable PnP on Line Settings GUI page.

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    Hi hrant,

    Many thanks, that worked after the suggested change.

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