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Thread: How do I share 1 FXO with 2 Quadro 2xi?

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    Default How do I share 1 FXO with 2 Quadro 2xi?

    Hi guys

    I searched around the various forums, but did not get any hits on my question.

    First Quadro 2xi is the master device (5.2.8), uses the onboard ISDN trunk, and also uses my FXO gateway (5.0.11). Those two make up our main PBX infrastructure, every thing works as intended.

    I recently added our "old" Quadro 2xi (5.0.16) as a slave device on to the same LAN, to use as a lab system to test out various phones etc.

    I configured a SIP tunnel and can make and receive successful calls between the two Quadros.

    Where I am stuck right now is that my slave Quadro can not make any calls out via the FXO gateway. When I want to add a new route into the call routing table, I can not select the FXO any where. The FXO on the other hand already has the master Quadro configured for it's line sharing.

    Please point me in the right direction, or let me know if it is not possible to share a gateway between 2 Quadros.

    Thank you
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    You can share the gateway between the two Quadros in sense that you can make calls from your slave Quadro through the master Quadro to FXO gateway and go out to PSTN. To configure it you have to create a call routing rule on slave Quadro to send the calls with PSTN destination via SIP tunnel to the master Quadro. On master Quadro configure a corresponding rule that routs those calls to FXOs on the gateway; to avoid issues with the voice enable the RTP proxy on that rule.
    I hope this answers your questions.

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    Hi hrant

    Thanks for the feedback, I will give that a go and post back once I have it running.

    Thank you and regards

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    Default Got it

    Hi again hrant

    Thank you, that worked. I used the existing SIP tunnel (I assumed there can only be on tunnel between 2 devices) just added a new entry in the call routing table. Now I can go home and relax..


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    Actually, it is not required to add another tunnel. You can use a single tunnel for making many concurrent calls between two devices, just have to add different prefixes to destination numbers on slave Quadro to be able to distinguish the call type on the master Quadro. But there is nothing wrong in using separate tunnel and maybe it's even aesthetically better.

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