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Thread: Noisly Long BEEP durin calls

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    Default Noisly Long BEEP durin calls


    For three cases, (quadro 16X and 2 quadro 2X), customers complains that sometimes they have to stop a call because suddendly they get a long and very high beep in the phone, and
    Apparently, the remote caller doesn't hear this beep
    It occurs for sip or pstn calls indifferently and with different phones: analog phone ou snom ip phones

    Is it a default of the quadro product or is there a way to prevent this problem ?

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    It is not default on the Quadro, it is probably devil tricks
    To be more serious, I admit that theoretically it is possible to have noise or whatever else in some specific call scenario on some of the products because of the software bug or hardware issue. But when you claim that your customer has the same issue on three products and for all kinds of calls:
    - analogue phone (Quadro extension) to SIP
    - analogue phone to PSTN via FXO
    - IP phone (Quadro extension) to SIP
    - IP phone to PSTN via FXO
    ... then it makes me conclude on this being either an external issue not related to Quadro or your information is not accurate. Let me explain why. If the call is between IP phone (Quadro extension) and remote SIP endpoint then Quadro doesn't do any voice processing in this case, it can in worst case drop the voice packets, which cannot result in beep/noise generation. That noise can be generated only on endpoints that are generating or receiving the voice stream.
    Therefore, please talk with your customer again and ask him to give more accurate information. It is very important to know:
    - on what calls they hear the noise?
    - what is the duration of the noise?
    - what happens after the noise (the call drops or recovers)?
    - other details if available
    Having that information our technical support will be able to start investigation and help you to fix the issue.

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    Oh Noey ... run away its magic in use I tell you !!!

    Magic at work !

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