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Thread: Call Routing Rules for "Call Forwarding" question

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    Default Call Routing Rules for "Call Forwarding" question

    I have all my Call Routing Rules "Source Type" set to be "PBX" for security reason.

    I also have several extensions configured with "Call Forwarding" to external numbers.

    This configuration worked fine until I uprated to firmware v.5.2.47 (Q2x).

    After this upgrade, all external calls to extensions to be forwarded to external numbers are getting "temporary unavailable" error.

    If I change Call Routing Rules "Source Type" to "Any", forwarding works fine.
    (But it makes system unsecured)

    I guess new firmware is treating these calls in Call Routing Rules as external, even though they go through local extensions.

    Is this a right behavior?
    What would be a workaround?


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    What was the previous firmware version? I suppose it should have been a very old firmware...

    I suppose the the workaround here would be:
    Enter to extmanagement.cgi hidden page, edit the desired extension and enable the "Use extension settings in forwarding".

    Hope this helps.

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    extmanagement.cgi setting works


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