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Thread: Max. capacity of IP lines

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    How many IP lines may I setup in the same Quadro16X?, with Vonage lines for example.

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    Edgar, it is not clear what you mean under vonage lines and how it is connected with IP Lines on the Quadro. Could you refrase the question - I think in that case there is higher probability that someone will find an answer.

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    One more thing to consider- Vonage no longer offers the Business Plus plan. With this service,Vonage would provideDID numbers and the associated account information to register on their SIP server. These accounts could then be configured on a Quadro extn and you could receive/make multiple, simultaneous calls for each DID.

    Vonage has changed their direction and now they no longer offer the Business Plus package. Their focus is on the residential market and when you sign up for their service you receive an ATA device with all the account information already included. The Quadro cannot register with Vonage service if you have an ATA device.

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