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Thread: IQall doesn't initiate outgoing call

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    Post IQall doesn't initiate outgoing call


    Trying the IQall application, I would like to check the settings, as this application doesn't handle outgoing call: When dialing, no http request is sent to the quadro, the iquall closes immédiately, for which reason ?

    Public adress of the quadro (Q2x with 5.2.47 firmware), port 443
    user name/password: admin and phone admin password
    secure connection
    call back number: my GSM
    Prefix rule: by default
    Internet connexion: OK by wifi

    Thanks four your help

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    You can try to do the following, at least it will give more information to fix the issue:
    1) to be sure that the http request is really received by Quadro, take a look at the "extcc.log" logs - there you should see the actions done by Quadro upon receiving the request. If you don't see any action then the request is probably blocked by firewall.
    2) configure iQall with non secure connection
    3) try to login using the extension number and password rather than the admin and phone admin password. Doing so don't forget to enable "3pcc/Click2Dial Access Allowed" on extension settings (required in the latest Quadro images).

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    Thanks, There was a firewall issue
    and it's better with an extension number/password too and even in 3G

    But I have something to do with calling rules as It's doesn't work for cellular number
    the application handles call to a contact with +336XXXXXXXX, the quadro calls back the GSM but failed wit the contact number as the number seems changed by a calling rule ?

    336XXXXXXXX@ in "unsuccessful logs"

    0660373120@ 336XXXXXXXX@ "Temporary Unavailable"

    the calling rule is very simple
    * for destination and */pbx for souce
    RTP proxy

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    I have changed one of the default rule of the IQall application, and all is working fine
    nice application

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