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Thread: Admin timeout problem

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    Default Admin timeout problem

    This is coming from my reseller who doesn't have access to the forum. His customer is
    having the following problem.

    "I have an issue with my admin for the phone recordings. When I log in to review recordings, my goal usually is to listen to a few calls from a certain rep to get a feel for how they can be improved. The problem I have is that the admin or dashboard times out even if I am using it. For example, I will listen to two calls from a rep and when the second call ends, it logs me out of the admin. It is not like I haven’t been in the admin or using it. I am actively using it and it times out every 5 minutes. I have to log back in and redo my search to get the information which can take several more minutes."

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    All admin pages timeout in about 15 minutes if no input is done by the user (except for the pages which have auto-refresh timer, such as call stats or active calls page). Does he press anything on that page during 15 min after the page is first open? If he presses anything, is it only the recording download button, or some other buttons too? Does it timeout if he uses the "refresh" button?

    I would need this ifo to know where to look for the problem...

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