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    How do I strip the inbound SIP address from the caller id so it shows name and numer only to my client. THis is on a Quadro 2x 5.2.47. It currently gets this "" and I want to strip everything after the telephone number so it shows name and number of calling party. Polycom 650 Sets on site. thanks

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    There is a field for this case on "IP Line Settings" -> "Manage IP Phones Templates" page. It is called ' Feature "URL-dialing" ' on Polycom Tab. It is need to be unchecked to show only CallerID's name and number. By default it is unchecked.

    Please check template name on appropriate IP Line for which one Polycom 650 has configured.
    1. If it is "systemdefault". It means here something go wrong, f.e. as display name of INVITE message Quadro receives whole string "". Need to look at the SIP messages in logs.
    2. If it is custom template, please, make sure that the ' Feature "URL-dialing" ' is unchecked for that template. Please, check and uncheck it for sure, save page and reboot the phone.

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