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Thread: PIN Codes on Call Logs.

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    Default PIN Codes on Call Logs.

    Hey people.

    I have a few Epygi Quadro's in the field and all are working well. However, recently one of our clients asked us to implement some sort of PIN code system so users have to enter a personal code to dial out. I followed some instructions found on these forums and used the AAA table and the call routing method and again all worked well. Now to my question, is there any way I can make the PIN Codes (4 Digits) show up on the call logs? It would be very useful for the client as they are suffering from phone abuse and would like to see which users are making abnormaly long or frequent calls.

    Many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,


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    PIN codes are not seen in the call logs (CDRs) by security reasons. Why the boss cannot just check what extensions are doing long calls? Is it because many people may use the same phone/extension? To protect you could also consider the "hot desking" feature.

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