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Thread: AA with welcome message + waiting music

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    well i thought it was a scripting problem but now i now that quadro don't have that function

    I would like, on a incoming call quadro Auto attendant after the welcome message when transfering to the desired extension instead of the ring tone play a music file

    the welcome message and the music file are prepared, also i tried to do some scenario script but the only thing i can do is to play the welcome message then the music file and only then the call is transfered....

    Is this option possible?

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    Yes, it's possible to upload custom ring announcement via web interface. Find appropriate settings in Attendant Scenario tab.

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    I think it is not possible if you have selected "Custom Senario"

    Is there another solution?

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    Just choose "Default" in Attendant Scenario page, upload your custom music from"Upload new ringing announcement" field and enable it. Thenswitch back to "Custom"scenario.

    In upcoming releases we've changed the"Upload new ringing announcement" field's place and it is independent from the choosen scenario.

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