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Thread: Epigy 2X/ RExt snom 320 i can receive call but not make

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    Default Epigy 2X/ RExt snom 320 i can receive call but not make

    i have a epigy 2X and a 320 Snom phone that was working at the site were the epigy is , now a have set it up as a remote extension and the phone is at a remote place with DMZ it registers i am able to take calls i send and receive voice but when i try to dial any number i get 'Number Dial does not Exist' any Ideas i'am doing wrong .

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    It is strange because 'The number dialed does not exist' is played back to the user when the dialed destination number doesn't match with the rules of Call Routing table. Check in the logs what destination number is being received from the phone on the Quadro.

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    What i am getting is the Remote extension then that it is calling the auto attendant with the address that i a sing as an dyndns example:

    01-Sep-2011 15:06:25 "Rogelio " 113 "User Not Found"
    01-Sep-2011 15:06:13 "Rogelio " 113 "User Not Found"
    01-Sep-2011 15:03:13 "Rogelio " 113 "User Not Found"
    01-Sep-2011 15:03:05 "Rogelio " 113 "User Not Found"
    01-Sep-2011 14:38:01
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    I found a Solution since nobody reply , maybe this will help some other user , i change the DYNDNS for the actual ip Number and it started working correctly , how ever i have a dynamic ip so that represents another problem ..

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    not sure which firmware version you are using.. but on the latest ones there is a link on the "SIP Settings" page, called something like "Host aliases for SIP". Try to add your "" in that table, and see if that fixes the problem. You should be able to call using the dyndns address after you do this.

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