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    Default Client Code Rule for billing

    Hi There,

    I have a client who would like to use "Client Code Identification". There would only be two client codes, one for Business calls and the other for personal calls. Each user when dialing out would need to dial *(business code) or *(peronal code) for the client code idenification to be passed onto the radius.

    The issue that i am having is how do I make the user have to insert one of the codes before the call will go through, I have tried every pattern possible.

    I tried pattern: ??????????\*44 (10 digits to enter *44 (for client code) - this would not go through.....
    If i user pattern: 0?* or ??????????* - both these work, but then the user can leave out the client code altogether or enter in any client code which I dont want them to be able to do....

    I only want them to be able to use *44 (business) or *66 (personal) anything else should not go through.

    Hope someone can help.



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    There is no control on the "Client Code Identification". All the digits dialed after * (separator) are being removed and the remaining digits string is considered as a destination number and passed to the Call Routing Table for further processing/modification and call rout matching. If the "Client Code Identification" is enabled in matching call rout then the digits dialed after * are considered as "Client Code Identification" and sent to Radius server in a separate CDR field.
    Therefore, when building the "Destination number pattern" the Client Code Identification should not be considered and unfortunately "... I only want them to be able to use *44 (business) or *66 (personal) anything else should not go through" cannot be implemented using the above mentioned mechanism. However, if we assume that your users are honest and dial proper codes (66 for personal and 44 for business) then this mechanism will help.

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