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Thread: ip connection cannot be established during outage?

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    Default ip connection cannot be established during outage?

    We had some wierd behaviour yesterday on our Quadro 2x where we lost the ability to make outbound calls.

    We kept getting the message "ip connection cannot be established". Event logs showed sip registration errors.

    After performing resets and checks with MyNetFone as well I tried to jump onto the website and the forums here. However the and forums were not coming up at all and our internet connection was good. Only until the domain name, website and forums were visible again last night could we make outbound calls again.

    I note that our sip registration is via

    Should I be changing that setting?

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    Yesterday we had a problem for a few hours with our servers at data center. Therefore the web site and SIP services were down. Sorry for inconvenience.

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    Are they any redundancies or alternatives sip I can use to prevent outages like the one that was experienced yesterday?

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    Customers should NOT build their dialing plan around using the Epygi SIP Server. The Epygi SIP Server is provided as a convenience so that customers can immediately begin making SIP offfice to office calls, right out of the box without any configuration. This is especially useful when two sites are located in different countries.

    We do not provide a Service Level Agreement on the SIP Server and there is no redundancy. However, with that said, the uptime and reliability has been about 99%. I don't recall the last time that the SIP Server was not available.


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