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    I have a quadro 2x and the on hold music doesnt work on sip trunks.
    I have tested the following:

    SIP ext to SIP ext - music works
    FXS ext to SIP ext - music works
    PSTN fxo - fxs ext - music works
    PSTN fxo - sip ext - music works

    SIP trunk - SIP ext - no music but when taking call back of hold there is a half second on hold music sound

    SIP trunk - fxs ext - same as above

    The unit has been factory reset and I have upgraded to the latest firmware.
    The snom 320's have been auto provisioned from the quadro and I have tried several different VoIP providers as well as using a sip extension from a asterisk server as the trunk.
    It always ends up the same.

    Any thoughts as this is really frustrating.

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    is the SW, which you use at the other end of SIP trunk, based on Asterisk? Asterisk has a bug, which prevents the hold music functionality from working normally. Some config options should be changed on Asterisk to fix that.

    If that is not Asterisk, please refer to our Tech Support with developer logs.

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