Hi all,

I'm having a problem with a call queue on Quadro 16xi with firmware 5.2.48 so
if anyone could help or have similar experiences.

It was originally set up using ISDN trunks and it was working just fine but client switched provider and it is now connected to SIP trunk and now second call to extension with call queue enabled just drops after first ring.

In SIP logs I can see first call establshed just fine, second call comes in and after second invite (re-invite?) from SIP gateway Quadro returns
"491 Request Pending".
I talked to ITSP tech and apparently they are doing interconnection from SIP to H323 and that message is treated as error from PBX side
so they reply with "BYE"

I tried different options and ideas but with no success.

I'm wondering is this normal behaviour from PBX or I messed something up and is there anything I can do to avoid sending 491 response...

Second problem but not that much important with same provider is when I turn on Uncoditional Call Forwarding. PBX is forwarding original
caller number as call id which is not supported by this provider ( security reasons ? )
I'm having hard time to configure quadro to use extension number as caller id so it would atleast looked as call was made from that extension.

I really hope this is clear enough and apologies if it isn't