We have developed a custom SMTP server that takes all the emails the Quadro sends out, stores them, then re-formats them before sending onto the client. Our server, on average, takes merely 600ms to process each email.

We have been running this successfully for 18 months, looking for beta testers to help test out the functionality, plus suggest features that would be helpful for their customers. The final product will be billed on a per extension basis (you then bill this onto your customers with markup).

Features include:
- automatic storage of backups, and notification if a backup is missed
- customers can login and see all their previous emails/faxes, and retrieve a voicemail after accidental deletion
- SMS notification of a new voicemail, to one or more recipients
- notification to the installer if an email bounces (customer mailbox full, incorrect email address etc)
- transcribing of voicemails to MP3
- transcribing of voicemails to text (the actual message is typed out in the body of the email)
- faxes are converted to PDF
- voicemails are formatted much cleaner (HTML email) - the ability for an installer to set a template with their own logo or a customer's logo
- voicemails can lookup a phone number in a third party (eg customer's CRM) and include the caller's details in the email - customers can then quickly see who has called

Sample formatted voicemail below (sensitive details blacked out)

We created this system after frustrations with our own installs of Quadros for clients.

It is very easy to use this service with your Quadros - just change the SMTP server, and provide a username/password which we will give you.

Looking for 10 installers to work with us. Please reply in this thread if you are interested.

About us: 3Bit is a software development company that installed the Quadro IP PBX, until we recently sold that division of our company. We are based in New Zealand.