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Thread: Quadro16x & Bogen TPU-100B will it work?

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    We have a Quadro 16x I have available a Bogen TPU-100B and a
    Valcom V-2001A How can we setup this equipment to have paging?

    Already try to install it but when I connect the FXS line to the Bogen TPU is
    like and ext that never hangs up, what I’m doing wrong?

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    Hello todash,

    I don't have any experience working with that paging equipment, but as you tell there is a problem with hanging up, I would suggest you to play a bit with Quadro's FXS line disconnection settings. Go to "Line settings" -> "Onboard Line Settings" -> Select the line -> then try different options in "Remote Party Disconnect Indication:".

    The paging equipment should contain somewhere in the manuals some info on what signaling it needs to hangup correctly. I think most probablyit should detect Power Disconnect indication.

    Could you please try playing with those options, and post here if this works, as it is interesting to me too.



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