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Thread: CTI with QCM

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    Is there a way to linkthe QCM with an analog or IP phone to use it as CTI? (call from QCM use phone to talk...)


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    Yes it is possible. Read details in QCM help, section "External Call Control

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    The quadro4x have any license for the QCM? Or should I buy?

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    Anestis, you can use USB phones connected to PC>

    Telecomunicaciones, there is always one free license for QCM in any Quadro PBX and it is enabled. If you need to use more than one QCMs on the same device, then you need purchase a license key and activate it.

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    Hi!! aramk, I appreciate your comment, I am now a 4x connecting to another for VPN and need to use G729a, you know if there is some way that this codec operates in the license free of 4x.

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    G.729 is supported only for QCM registered using purchased Feature Key. G.729 support is not available for the embedded free license.

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