I was wondering how Epygi provides a solution for FMC where a mobile phone has a dual mode: cellular (GSM, CDM) and WiFi. The vision of FMC is simple;
�� one device with
�� one number,
�� one address book and
�� one voice mailbox,
�� always using the lowest cost network for connectivity.
FMC uses dual-mode devices to take advantage of less expensive, high-speed connectivity within the office, the home or a public hotspot location, while enjoying mobility outside on existing mobile phone networks.
"FMC will drive the adoption of next-generation handsets, primarily dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular handsets, which will enable users to seamlessly handover from a cellular mobile network to a Wi-Fi one and vice versa, so as to provide optimum quality of service,"

I think that the mobile broadband access network is probably used instead of the cellulare network once a user is outside the WiFi coverage. Am I correct?

Of course having a FMC solution is the ideal. I wonder how Epygi is approaching this?
Thanks for your comments.