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Thread: Unacceptable level of silent calls, or one way, or dropping out

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    Default Unacceptable level of silent calls, or one way, or dropping out

    We have an M32

    We are using vanilla 20 channel ISDN

    We get calls that are silent, or only we can hear or they can hear.
    And/or calls just drop in the middle of them.

    A user today has bothered to inform us each time, but most of the time they don't bother.

    "11.49 – ext 339 – 1 line I can’t hear, can then hear next line
    11.02am ext 339 – unable to hear incoming call again (can hear the next one)
    10.15am – extension 339 2 incoming calls where I could not hear client at all – 3rd call I could hear..."

    We have just installed the latest firmware.
    This is just not good enough. How is this possible?
    Is it even possible for an Epygi unit to run this badly? What could we have possibly done to cause such unacceptable phone service?

    What diagnosis steps can be taken? All we see in Call Stats are normal call closures
    Sometimes the call details have a close reason, sometimes they don't. Why would that be?

    We used to have a virtual VLAN running for this PBX to cut cabling costs and share infrastrucure (which, forgive if Im wrong, would be the main reason behind VOIP in the first place). We had to remove it in order to eliminate it as a potential problem.
    But the issues continue....


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    As you know, this is not the expected behavior for a Quadro installation. This would not be acceptable to anyone. There can be many reasons for erratic voice quality such as bandwidth, the phones, networking issues, the provider, codec issues, etc.

    There are several steps that will need to be performed to analyze the problem. The first step would be to understand the network and how it is configured. The Forum is not the best method for troubleshooting a problem like this. Please start with your local Distributor, Alloy to open a Support Ticket to further analyze the problems. From that point, the Epygi Support will be glad to assist with this.


    Andy White

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