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Thread: Thomson ST2020 Call transfer

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    I can't transfer calls with the Thomson ST2020, does anyone know if it works?


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    Thomson ST 2020 IP Phone is not in list of supported IP Phones, but I have the Thomson ST 2030 and everything works fine in it. The Feature Codes on Thomson 2030are following:

    PBX Services accessible during a call

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    Well i have the same problem on ST2020 with call transfer....any suggestions?

    I also use ST2030 and works fine!i think epygi should test ST2030 to the list of supported IP Phones....

    Best reagards

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    Please submit ticket into TSS with the system logs right after failed transfer.


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    Thomson ST2030S phone is already included into Epygi Tested Phone's List for several months and has Quadro Autoprovisioning support. Currently we recommend to use Thomson SW version 1.57 with Quadro version 4.1.52. There were several problems with previous recommended version 1.53 due to Thomson's bugs, also with transfers. To avoid of such problems please upgrade all your Thomson phones to the Epygi recommended versions.

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