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    When installing iether ISDN or FXO lines on the Quadro and not using all ports. Firstly i disable the ports that are not being used. When programming my call routing , i say use any port??? is that correct or should i point it to a specific line that is being used and do a fail over to Any?
    Why i am asking is because i usually point the calls through to any port under call routing and am picking up issues where the clients keep getting "check your external telephone lines" every now and then.

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    Disabling the ports that are not corrected is right thing to do. When "any" is chosen and you make a call, Quadro tries to detect the dial tone on idle (not busy) FXO ports that are enabled. As soon as the tone is detected on any of them, Quadro makes the call. If the dial tone detection failed on all idle lines then Quadro plays the "check the external line..." message.

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