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    Hi there,

    Please can i have some help in understanding why i would get the below. (in telephony terms?):
    1. "temp Unavailable"
    2. "Request rejected"
    3. "Check your external telephone lines"
    4. "TRying to connect"
    5. "Network failure"

    Tx so much....

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    here is my answers with some approximation:

    1. "temp Unavailable" - the SIP server should have been unavailable(Quadro did not receive any answer)
    2. "Request rejected" - the SIP server rejected the request by some reason
    3. "Check your external telephone lines" - no activity on PSTN lines(like no line is connected)
    4. "TRying to connect" - outgoing call was closed during Quadro retransmitting outgoing requests.
    5. "Network failure" - packets could not get out of Quadro by some network fails reason(for example firewall blocking the destination address).

    Hope this helps.

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