We have in office panasonic TDA200 with PRI card for E1 link and have tundberg 550 mpx video call conferencing with 3 x ISDN/BRI connection. Person who configure panasonic make three extension on panasonic as BRI and it is connected to video conferencing device. Everyting works fine. When video device initiate call establish audio over one channel 64 kbps after that it is takin 2 or 3 channel and establish video over it. We implement epigy E1 with two E1 trunk like bridging between panasonic and telecom so we can managing all call through call routing table on E1 gateway. We done that because we do routing some call inside vpn using sip. On this way voice call working, fax is working. Problem is with video conference. Video device initiate and establish audio and after that when try to establish video it's fail. My question is someone had similar problem or have some leads what to check?

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