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Thread: ACD - seperate of timers

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    Default ACD - seperate of timers

    Hi there,

    Please seperate the timer that a call is presented to a handset and the no answer timer for the call to go to the next handset when the call structure is RING ALL.

    I have many customers that are using M series systems that are unhappy with the call flow because there is no differentiation between the time a call is presented to a handset in the acd and when a new call will ring a handset in the acd after they have completed a call.

    There should be 2 x timers not one governing the 2 x features.

    One for call presentation to a handset when it has completed a call and another for the time the call rings to a handset within the queue before it moves to another destination - selection of ring all should disable that timer period.


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    to avoid misunderstanding could you please rephrase your request in Quadro terms, with the exact names of timers and the call distribution type.

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    No problem Hrant... I will post a picture if that helps - with a description.


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    Yes, please. Also, how it works today and how you would like it to work.


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    Passed the information along to Andy and CC'd Warren.

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