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Thread: ISDN Lines on Quadro M26xi

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    Default ISDN Lines on Quadro M26xi

    Hi there,

    I am having a problem where my client cannot dial out and it says "check your external telephone lines". When i look under status/Hardware. it says the ISDN is Up - No syncronisation. I go to my ISDN wizard, restart them and then they are fine.
    What would be the problem to this? I obviouls y cannot reset everyday?

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    Try to select "Passive Mode" checkbox from ISDN Settings(L2 & L3 Settings page).

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    Hi Atur,

    i hope you are well? i am running on version 5.2.40 and cannot find "passive mode" under L2 & L3 Settings page. Is it called anything else?

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    You need to select PTMP mode instead of PTP from ISDN wizard, and then select
    "Passive Mode" checkbox.

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    Thanks so much... Much appreciated... I will give that a bash.


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