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Thread: Disabling autoattendant

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    Sorry if question is very easy, but I am realy NEWBIE!

    How can I disable AutoAttendant? (we have Quadro 2xi)

    I mean: any incoming call should make all phones (or a group) ring.

    Instead now, if you call our phone number, AA answers.

    We have only ISDN (we are not using VOIP provider). Now we have both IP phones and analog phones (they are OK, because we can make internal calls and outbound calls).

    Thank you in advance.


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    Hi Rob,

    Under TelephonyISDN you can choose to route incoming ISDN calls.
    By default this is set to 00 which is the attendant. You can
    adjust this to go directly to an extension or a matching route in the
    routing table.

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