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Thread: Quadro 2x Loosing Time

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    Default Quadro 2x Loosing Time

    Everytime i set Network Time Retrieval "ON" and power cycle the Quadro 2x the device looses the timezone value in time. IE looses 10hrs back to 0hrs GMT. But the 10hours is still in settings. Have to manually turn off network time reset the time and turn back on. Has anyone else seen this. Have checked on anohter identical system purchased at the same time and this one is fine.


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    Default Anybody?

    This is an ongoing problem...

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    Thank you for mentioning this issue. It is a SW bug and will be fixed in the next public FW version, most probably 5.2.47 for Quadro2x


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    Default Time??

    Any ideas as to when the update will be released. Got some pretty angry customers here.

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    The 5.2.47 FW with this bug fix will be released by the end of current week, most propably on Friday


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