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Thread: Monitor Extension in Remote Office

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    Here's my desired scenario:

    Remote Office: Quadro 2X ------ Main Office: Quadro 4x

    Is it possible to monitor the hook status of a phone attached to the remote office Quadro from a receptionist phone or QCM attached to the Main Office Quadro?

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    I too want this.
    I've got all 3 sites registered with the Epygi SIP server & they can dial each other, but I'd like the receptionist who is at one site to see what is happening at the other sites.

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    In general,one unit doesn't have permission to monitor other even if all unitsbelong one person. Each extension can monitor extensions only withinthe PBX.

    Butyou canhave, for example, "Remote extension" (RE) configured onremoteQuadro and it is locatedin Main office on one of receptionist phones. That identity(username/password) ofRE is considered as native extension of unit of remote office. Receptionist IP phone can send subcribtionto XX@RemQuadroIP:SIPport (XX is watched extension) on behalf of RE for watchingstates. Remote Quadro will notify about states of watched extension. But this should be configured manually on receptionist phone asindividual line. It can be QCM, Snom, Aastra.

    Note: remember that REline on receptionist phonedoesn't belong to Main Office Quadro. Xfer or some other features may cause other acts than expected.

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