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    Testing the Intercom AutoAnswer feature using a Linksys SPA-941 and an Aastra 9113i.

    The Linksys is running firmware 5.1.5 (just downloaded). The Aastra is The Quadro is running 4.1.18.

    The extensions for both phones have the Intercom Service set to On. The Aastra has Incoming Intercom Settings/AutoAnswer Enabled. The SPA-941 has AutoAnswer Page set to Yes.

    Calling from the 941 to the 9113 results in the 9113 going offhook automatically. Calling from the 9113 to the 941 results in the 941 ringing without going offhook.

    Looking at the SIP User Agent Logs I see that, when the 941 is calling the 9113,one of the INVITE messages sent by the Quadro SIP UA has an Alert_Info:info=alert-autoanswer header. When the 9113 is calling the 941 this is not the case.

    It would seem that the Quadro is not sending the alert-autoanswer to the 941 for some reason.

    Is there some additional steps I can take to troubleshoot or attempt to solve this issue?



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    Apparently there are different ways to trigger auto-answer depending on the phone:

    Polycom:SIP Alert-Info header in theINVITEtriggers auto-answer.

    Snom:auto-answer upon receiving aSIP INVITE request when they are configured to auto-answer incoming calls.

    Grandstream & Linksys/Sipura:use SIPCall-Info[/B] header (Call-Info[/B]: answer-after=0) in theSIP INVITE request.

    Aastra:useSIP Alert-Info header (Alert-Info: info=alert-autoanswer).

    Since the Quadro doesn't know about the Linksys 941it doesn't send an autoanswer request since there is no standard way to do that.

    Asterisk can be configured to send a specific header. Any chance of that sort ofconfiguration being made available in the Quadro?

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    You do not have chance to do this, sinceLinksys SPA-941 neitherinrecommendednortestedl ist of phones.

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