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Thread: HELP! 3 snom m9 with quadro 2xi

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    Unhappy HELP! 3 snom m9 with quadro 2xi

    Hello all,

    I recently bought this voip solution and I have to make it work with only one SIP account I got from 3starsnet provider. What I want to have its all the phones to be able to use one SIP account (at least 2 parallel incoming/outgoing calls). How can I do that in the epygi or also on the snom's phones. I tried to define the phones lines in the epygi but I cannot attach the same extension (SIP account) to all of them.

    Also I have difficulties with number formats that i want to use, is call routing table so hard to configure?

    Best regards,

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    there is no need to attach all SNOM phones to the same Quadro extension. You have to do the following:
    1) manually configure M9 phones setting the IP address or Quadro (as a SIP server/proxy), SIP user name and password
    2) to connect the M9 phone to IP lines of Quadro go to IP lines settings and configure on each line the SIP user names and passwords used on the M9 phones. Having done that, each M9 phone will be assigned to a separate IP line on Quadro.
    3) Go to extension management on Quadro, create as many extensions as many M9 phones you have and assign to each extension one of the previously configured IP lines. After that all the M9 phones will be connected to a separate extension on Quadro.
    4) Now go to VoIP Carrier Wizard on Quadro and configure the ITSP account. After that, any M9 phone will be able to make the outbound calls to PSTN via ITSP
    5) If you bought the DID numbers from ITSP and want to receive the inbound calls from ITSP on different extensions then assign those DID numbers as a SIP user names to extensions on Quadro corresponding to M9 phones. When an inbound call on some DID is received from ITSP, it will go to extension having that DID as the SIP user name.
    I hope it helps.

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    Hy, thanks for the info, i tried that and goes well with one phone. My question is how can i configure the epygi quadro 2xi to work with only one SIP/ one landline number from my voip provider. What I ask is how can all the 3 snom M9 phones work in the same time using only one real number/account. If somebody calls me i would like that all my 3 phones to ring in the same time and also when I answer to a call with one phone somebody with another M9 can initiate another call (or if somebody else calls my number the second snom can answer). Is it possible such a structure with this system? Thanks in advance.

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    thanks, i managed to get it to work. what i have to learn is how to create and manage call routing table. can you point out some tutorials about this?

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    you can start from Quadro manuals.

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