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Thread: ISDN - No Incoming CLID on 2xi

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    Default ISDN - No Incoming CLID on 2xi

    We use BT ISDN 2e through an Epygi 2xi, with DDI which works fine for routing incoming calls to extensions.

    Problem is, incoming calls show up as PSTN0/2-? or PSTN0/1-? in the Epygi logs and as 'Anonymous' on the handsets (Snom 360's).

    Connection type is PTP, no MSN.

    The L2 & L3 settings are as below

    L2 & L3 Settings
    B1 Channel Enabled
    B2 Channel Enabled
    Generate Progress Tone to IP Disabled
    Generate Progress Tone to PSTN/PBX None
    Alternative Disconnection Mode Enabled
    Override CLID with P-Asserted-Identity Disabled
    Send Calling Party Subaddress Disabled
    Enable CLIR Service Disabled
    Switch Type basic_dss1
    Channel Selection preferred
    Bearer Establishment Procedure on progress indication with in-band information
    Called Party Type of Number Unknown
    Calling Party Type of Number Unknown
    Called Party Numbering Plan ISDN/telephony numbering plan
    Calling Party Numbering Plan ISDN/telephony numbering plan
    Incoming Called Digits Size 0
    Excessive Ack. Delay T200 4000 msec.
    Idle Timer T203 12000 msec.
    T302 Timer 4000 msec.
    T309 Timer 0 msec.
    T310 Timer 60000 msec.
    Alert Guard Timeout 150 msec.
    TEI Address( 0..63 ) 0

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    The information you have provided is not enough to find out the problem.
    Looks like PSTN does not provided the Caller ID.

    To go ahead I may suggest:
    - enable developer logs
    - make one call with the Caller ID problem
    - attach ISDN L3(or ISDN L2) logs to this case

    or it is better to
    - open TSS case and attach systemlogs.


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    Default Isdn & Cli


    Thanks for the response, you are correct the provider had not enabled it. Why that is an additional cost service instead of part of the standard bundle I have no idea.

    Working fine now


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