We use BT ISDN 2e through an Epygi 2xi, with DDI which works fine for routing incoming calls to extensions.

Problem is, incoming calls show up as PSTN0/2-? or PSTN0/1-? in the Epygi logs and as 'Anonymous' on the handsets (Snom 360's).

Connection type is PTP, no MSN.

The L2 & L3 settings are as below

L2 & L3 Settings
B1 Channel Enabled
B2 Channel Enabled
Generate Progress Tone to IP Disabled
Generate Progress Tone to PSTN/PBX None
Alternative Disconnection Mode Enabled
Override CLID with P-Asserted-Identity Disabled
Send Calling Party Subaddress Disabled
Enable CLIR Service Disabled
Switch Type basic_dss1
Channel Selection preferred
Bearer Establishment Procedure on progress indication with in-band information
Called Party Type of Number Unknown
Calling Party Type of Number Unknown
Called Party Numbering Plan ISDN/telephony numbering plan
Calling Party Numbering Plan ISDN/telephony numbering plan
Incoming Called Digits Size 0
Excessive Ack. Delay T200 4000 msec.
Idle Timer T203 12000 msec.
T302 Timer 4000 msec.
T309 Timer 0 msec.
T310 Timer 60000 msec.
Alert Guard Timeout 150 msec.
TEI Address( 0..63 ) 0