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Thread: Busy call forwarding doesn't seem to work, no answer is fine?

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    Default Busy call forwarding doesn't seem to work, no answer is fine?

    I'm having problems with busy call forwarding.

    I have extensions 11 through to 22 on a Quadro4Li.

    I would like it so that if extension 11 is on a call (busy), the caller is redirected to extension 13.

    I have set this in ext11's Caller ID Based Services, but it doesn't seem to work, the call never gets forwarded. I have also tried with call waiting turned off.

    No answer forwarding instead of Busy Call forwarding seems to work fine.

    Are there particular parameters/things which must be met so that busy call forwarding can take place?

    Note that call waiting is disabled on extension 11, and line appearance is set to 1.

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    You could try turning on the call que feature for extn 11 in extn settings.
    Limit it to one call, record no message and have the overflow going to extn 13.
    Hope this helps

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