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    i had a question:
    can the epygi can get virtual number?
    to configure a did is like an extension or a voip provider?

    thanks for reply

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    I am having some trouble understanding your request. DiD is usually set so that when you have a Direct Inward Dialling number range, eg 12333300 - 12333399 the Quadro can see the dialled number and route it appropriately. One possible use might be to set a route to strip the first 6 digits. This would result in someone dialling 12333345 being routed to extension 45.

    This is all a thing related to your real world phone carrier. You will note in the wizard that SIP accounts are usually directed to one specific extension only.

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    The method of delivering a Direct Inward Dial number has changed over the years but the result is the same- someone can call a PSTN phone number and reach the called party without going through an Auto Attendant.

    Conventional DIDs ordered from a central office will give you a range of PSTN numbers.Companies might request the cental office to give them acertain area code and 3-digit number and a block of numbers(ie. 214-733-0000 to 214-733-1000). When a number in that range is dialed, the PSTN will only send the last 4 digits to the PBX. The 4 digit number is usually the extn number on the PBX.

    You can alsoorder a DID number, or numbers, for your Quadro PBX. The ITSP will provide you with the DID registration information that you will assign to one of your extns. Incoming calls will ring that extn, which is sometimes call forwarded to the Auto Attendant or another extn. The VoIP Configuration Wizard will asist you in configuring the DID and it will add the account information to a Virtual Extension. A VE is just like any other extn put it does not have a physical phone assigned to it.

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