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Thread: Auto Attendant and call routing (Press 1 instead of ext11)

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    Default Auto Attendant and call routing (Press 1 instead of ext11)

    I have the following situation.

    Extensions are from 11 - 18

    I would like to turn the Auto Attendant on, and make it so if a caller presses 1/2/3 etc, the call routing table will add a prefix of "1" and forward the call to a particular extension's voicemail. So if the caller presses 1, they get 11, 2 they get 12, etc.

    Am I right in assuming this can work like so..

    In Auto Attendant options, enable "Send AA Digits to Routing Table".

    Create a call routing rule for destination ?, prefix 1, destination type PBX-VOICEMAIL

    Not sure what the Source Number Pattern & Source Type should be.

    Need it to work so this rule doesn't make it so that if a person on the inside picks up their phone and dials "1" and waits too long, they gets sent to 11's voicemail.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I've had a chance to test this out, works as intended.


    ? rule with a prefix of 1, destination PBX Voicemail. Source * - FXO

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