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Thread: No rinning when call forwarding

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    Default No rinning when call forwarding

    I am forwarding a DID directly to an extension. The forwarding works but the caller does not hear any ringing. Only silence until the call is picked up . Any suggestions
    QuadroM8L latest firmward

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    Turn the developer logs on and capture the call .. mark the logs before and after the call and look through to see where the problem is and adjust accordingly.

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    There does not seem to be any problems . No errors recorded . Just no ringing heard by the calling party

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    So in the SIP UA there were no issues recorded for the marked call ?

    Maybe its a probem with your handset.


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    ITSP sip trunk not setup for SIP RINGING command . Contacted them and the change was made and everything is working.
    Thank you for your suggestions

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