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Thread: Faxing Issues With ISDN Gateway

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    Hi All,

    we have just installed our first piece of Epygi gear, a Quadro 4 port ISDN gateway for our third party SIP PBX. Calls are working great and it fixes a number of issues we had with our last gateway (lightning victim). However, we are now having issues with our faxes.

    All calls coming in on the ISDN are routed to the SIP PBX. All other SIP devices register with the PBX. One of these is a Cisco 186 ATA with our fax machine on it. The calls get through to the fax machine OK but it cannot negotiate properly or if it does the fax is basically illegible when it is printed. This happens outbound as well.

    Are there any suggestions of how I can improve this situation? Apart from buying an Epygi PBX, is there any way I can optimise my configuration?

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    The only thing you can do there, is to make sure the FAX calls are done using G.711 codec (probably disbale all other codecs on the extension with FAX connected).

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