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Thread: User option for extension to go directly to voicemail?

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    Default User option for extension to go directly to voicemail?


    I was wondering if the following was possible..

    Is it possible to set a phone to go directly to voicemail instead of ringing first? - I need this so that the user can manually enable/disable this via their handset.


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    Yes it is very possible and simple to perform, look in call routing and type for the answer... and you will need to adjust the call routing to trigger it.

    Ie where extensions are 2 x digit and standard Quadro assignment

    Entry - 7??
    NDS - 1
    Type - Voicemail



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    Another option is activating DND (Do Not Disturb) service on the phone. Press *72 on the phone handset and hang up. Your phone bell will be off during the period indicated in the DND Settings page and all incoming calls will directly go to the extension's voice mailbox. Use the same *72 key combination to disable DND.

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    The two methods offered are and will both work, the one Ashot mentions requires the intervention of the user, mine is global so that all you are doing is transferring the call to the voicemail of the extension, which allows the user to still make calls and receive them.

    Ashots way - has no supervisory light showing on the handset under current firmware so the user has to rely upon *72 and listening to the prompt.



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