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Thread: Setup Auto Attendant to dial an outside number on demand?

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    Default Setup Auto Attendant to dial an outside number on demand?

    Can anyone tell me is it possible to have an AA setup that one requires a 4 digit code to access and that will then dial an outside line?


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    First of all create a virtual extension for an auto attendant - leave it as a standard auto attendant and then :

    Again under extension management have 1234 as a number that under its suplemental services has call forward unconditional to an auto route of 1234, under call routing have a route of 1234, nds 4, prefix of code as in 1234567890, fxo/isdn/ip pstn... no filtering and thats it. done


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    In the Call Routing - Local AAA Table add a 4 digit PIN code for authentication by PIN;
    Enable Local Authentication on the routing rule(s) to dial outside line(s);
    Run the call routing wizard for the selected routing rule again and enable the PIN code for that rule.

    Now when calling to AA and dialing outside line system will require 4 digit PIN code.


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    The method I talk about locks the call being made to a predefined number, Ahots way will allow the person to dial any number if they guess the code. 4 digits isnt hard to break.. so you would have to make a number around 8 or more digits in length..

    Just a thought.


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