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Thread: Fax problems

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    Default Fax problems

    Previously before an update of firmware and before I introduced custom AA, I could receive faxes no problem.

    But now they all come in as wav files.

    Have double checked the settings and all seems fine have attached screen shots of the settings pages.

    Have a dedicated number to receive faxes which is routed directly to the fax extension.

    +813455012xx goes to ext 15 IP line 1

    For the fax extension put a custom VM greeting saying to press the start button.

    What else am I missing??
    Have also done several restarts to no avail..
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    Turn on Developer logs and mark the logs.. create a fax call to that extensions and let it fail, mark the end of the logs and download them.

    Look through the appropriate information and pass to the reseller / distributor / epygi for analysis.



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    Default logs

    Have attached the logs if anyone could have a look and give opinions would be appreciated.

    Did two test faxes one from software and other from traditional fax machine.
    Both failed it appears the fax tone is not being registered thus the voicemail only..
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