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Thread: VoiceMail USB Stick issue

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    Default VoiceMail USB Stick issue

    We have a 4x with 5.2.9 (upgrading tonight to newer) and we just mounted a USB drive in the box. The memory page is seeing all the new memory (44 days worth) but it won't copy the existing user data and recordings over to the new drive. If I go back to internal storage the memory page shows a number of people with voicemail, but with the drive mounted they all show 0 seconds. We have pressed the CLEAR USB but still nothing.

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    It should copy voice data (custom recording and VMs) from internal memory to USB. Did you follow the procedure?

    - Insert USB stick in the Quadro and go to system events to be sure it is detected;

    - Go to the Quadro status-HW status to see the status of USB stick listed in the hardware devices. Checking the status of USB is important before trying to switch the memory allocation to External USB Flash. Wait until the status changed to “Format needed” before switching the memory allocation. When USB is in some transient state then switching memory to USB may cause errors;

    - Go to the VM Common Settings and switch the memory allocation to External USB Flash, by pressing "Yes" when Quadro asks for format.


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    We got it figured out finally - thanks. It would not prompt for formatting no matter what we did. Then we went to the diagnostics section and ran the USB Diagnostics. It ran some tests, formatted the stick and reported good. Then when I went back to the voice mail common settings page everything worked exactly as the book said. Wierd.

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    Some USB flash drives have software running on them that prevent the Quadro from formatting them correctly.

    Always better to format them before placing the unit in the Quadro to be honest.


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