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Thread: Calls keep going back to reception

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    Default Calls keep going back to reception


    Got a bit of an issue with a Quadro 16X. When calls come in they ring 5 or 6 times at 101 Reception phone then gets forwarded to 3 ext at the back office and they should continue to ring there until picked up.

    Whats happening is this.

    1) Calls come into 101 Reception and rings 5 or 6 times. This ext has a Busy Call Forward and a No Answer Call Forward on it that goes to ext 300.

    2) The call then gets forwarded to a Ring Group 300 with Many Extensions Ringing on it to 107, 112, and 116.

    3) They ring twice on these ext then goes back to 101.

    4) Rings at 101 for 5 rings then disconnects.

    I've got the SIP UA here. There is one line that I can see that looks suspect which is right at the end but I don't know what it means.

    Please help.


    SIP UA

    ***************************** SIP message buffer start *****************************
    ACK sip:locext116@ SIP/2.0
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bKEPSVBUSc63c 5e0a-a9f3-4224-a386-204e4e1d3881
    To: <sip:locext116@>;tag=vvspyxojx 8
    From: "6499652200" <sip:6499652200@>;tag=129979736364170 c1c-0d18-4be4-a168-9c0d8d1b900b
    CSeq: 941 ACK
    Call-ID: 35659137774080927_17b55a22-0b7b-42a9...ygi-config.loc
    User-Agent: Epygi Quadro SIP User Agent/v5.2.26 (QUADRO-4X/16X)
    Max-Forwards: 70
    Content-Length: 0

    ***************************** SIP message buffer end ******************************

    13:16:17 SipSessDlg::Inc4xxProc # Got 487 message # OID: 25036 # SID: 0
    13:16:17 SipSessDlg::ErrorHandling # Error: Negotiation, Move to terminate state # OID: 25036 # SID: 0
    13:16:17 UA --> CM # ReportError # Error: Negotiation # Sip error: 487 # SID: 0
    13:16:17 SipSessDlg::TerminateTransactions # OID: 25036 # SIPID: 35659137774080927_17b55a22-0b7b-42a9...ygi-config.loc # SID: 0

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    Well this one i think falls into the category of talking with other people that willl know - talk with


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    Default Calls keep going back to reception

    Quote Originally Posted by KSComs View Post
    Well this one i think falls into the category of talking with other people that willl know - talk with

    Awesome. Thanks Kevin. Will do.

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    Looks like you probably have a call forward setup wrong. And you will need to open the time available for the rings. Don't spend money. KSComs works for them.
    My initial guess is the ext 300 needs a quick check and fix. Let me know if you still have issues I can help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptemplin7 View Post
    Don't spend money. KSComs works for them. Paris
    Totally Incorrect.

    I work my own company, K.S. Coms Pty Ltd and have done for a long time. VoIP Experts is a creation of like minded Epygi Quadro individuals to help people such as Kelly by paying for support.

    When you purchase a Quadro form the reseller chain, it comes like a black board / blank slate so to speak.

    It has enough instructions within it so that people can either get started or they can pay a professional to install it on their behalf.

    VoIP Experts is purely to assist people that are in need that can not work through the problem and need someone to work with them to resolve the issues or provide a solution.



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    Hello Paris
    Firstly I wish to thank you for your uneducated and inept response to Kelly's problem. Advise was given by Voipexperts almost 2 weeks ago for no charge.
    You have insulted one of the finest minds on this forum and you should feel very proud of your efforts. I too am a member of Voipexperts along with several of the finest sip and Voip programmers in Australia and we are already repairing systems worldwide that have programmed by people like yourself who have no clue on the basic principles of Telecommunications theory. I notice that you sir, have not been invited.
    I am sure you must have one of these systems installed in your home, as we all do, so you can play and learn of the system functionality on what little spare time you have, as well as answer questions posed by incompetent Technician wanna be's like yourself. I mean c'mon, do I view the log's????? ............. how do I deploy a non pnp ip handset???? .....I am getting one way voice??? You're a legend on these systems!
    The staff at Epygi also have an expectation that you have a basic understanding of Telecommunications and IT before you attempt to deploy one of these units. Kevin and myself, but especially Kevin, have spent years on these systems and I find your comments very insulting that you expect him to continue sharing his accumulated knowledge for free. I'm sure you share your programming skills with all your clients for free as you expect Kevin to do.
    Keep up the good work mate. Your the type of Tech we love. After a couple of weeks of no service on a customers system, we'll buy it cheap on Ebay and re deploy in the correct and professional manner these systems deserve.
    Keep up the good work and good luck with any future help or advise.
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