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    Default snom call deflection

    hi, snom phones provide the capability of transferring an incoming ringing call to a third destination without answering it first. Snom call this feature call deflection. I have tried to use it but it doesn't work on my scenario. I have got 3 snom 300 and 1 snom 320 working like a receptionist phone. When the snom 320 is talking on the first line if is coming another call I should be able to transfer the second call to another extension without answer the call just pressing the context-sensitive transfer key + the extension where i would like to send the call to.
    I have tried to use it but the caller hear on his phone "the extension is busy at the moment....". When the call deflection feature is on, the phone, send back a 302 Moved temporarily sip packet with a diversion reason Busy Here so I think that's the problem.

    Is there a way to make the call deflection feature working?


    Snom 320 firmware 7.3.30
    Snom 300 firmware 7.3.30
    Epygi 2x firmware 5.2.28

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    Why do it this way when you can set up smart routing to send it through the next available person when the main is busy... you are only taking a handful of extensions after all.

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    kscoms thanks for your reply. I know what are you talking about but i need to set up this feature for my client. I would like to know if some of you know why the call deflection feature doesn't work on "epygi/snom" installation.
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