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Thread: recording call queue/attendant messages

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    Default recording call queue/attendant messages

    I couldnt find the way to record the message for call queue or attendant message audio file that would be accepted by M8L. If I record the message in the extensions voice mail, download it and upload to epygi it works fine, but if I edit the file (add some silence etc, with preserving the format of wav file) I get "Error: Invalid audio file, or format is not supported" message when trying to upload it.
    Any suggestions or ideas?

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    the wave file needs to be in PCMU format, 8 bit, mono, 8 KHz

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrant View Post
    the wave file needs to be in PCMU format, 8 bit, mono, 8 KHz
    Thanks hrant
    the one that works was edited by audacity with output set to WAV U-Law

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    Default Can I record attendant/call queue messages from phone?

    Is there any way to record auto attendant and call queue messages from handset?

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    Record a reminder message


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    There is a special feature code (*75) to record auto attendant messages from handset.
    Just dial *75, enter the password for admin and follow the voice prompts


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