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Thread: Mitel IP Phones and Epygi

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    Default Mitel IP Phones and Epygi

    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone had any experiance with Mitel IP Phones.

    I am keen to purchase one for testing but would like to know if anyone has tried and hopefully got them working

    Thanks Adam

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    its proprietry it might not work


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    Why do you want an ip handset that wont work with the Quadro?

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    I like the look of the Handsets, i have used and Tested most handsets, Snom, AASTRA, Yealink Linksys, Cisco etc and to be honest i lover my Cisco 7970 on my desk the best.

    The only thing is the functions are just not quiet there on the Cisco and Epygi (due to Cisco not willing to Help Epygi with information on how the Phones work, but i suppose they are just protecting there investments and now with the UC Range of SME IP PBX they would just say buy a UC instead of a Epygi and the missing fuctions will work, but i love the epygi to much

    The Mitel are looking quiet nice and on most models quiet a lot of Buttons for things to be programmed into (if they work that is) as well so thought i would check it out


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    Cisco SIP works well with Sip servers like that of the Quadro. Very little difference between operation of a 7960 SIP and 7960 Cisco to be honest.

    In fact - I would say the Cisco 7960 SIP is using a better codec - ie 711 rather than 726 ...

    But i guess it is what you a brought up with right....

    So with the plethora of IP handsets out there, you seem to want to try the Mitel which is proprietry that if I am right will not work with Quadro's. If you do get them to work, you may not be able to enjoy those keys you like so much.


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    Specs of Mitel phones tell

    Voice Traffic
    RTP over UDP
    MiNET over TCP or
    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

    So if you avoid using this strange sounding (at least in some languages) "Minet over TCP", and configure phones to use SIP, you should be able to use them with Quadro using the "Other" phone type. Of course you will have no PnP, no autoconfiguration, and have to set up all buttons manually..

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    Another d00rstop in the making

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    Mitel constitutes a "Wireless LAN Stand" device which allows the IP telephone to operate in a cellular environment. It is suitable for your own phone in addition to other IP mobile phones running around the Mitel Five thousand Communications Platform. Make sure you possess a C7 cord because POE will not be open to energy your own phone.

    Alternatively, I'm wondering if your wireless link couldn't serve the same purpose (I haven't attempted this particular). Nevertheless, just one "Wireless LAN Stand" can offer web with regard to multiple mobile phones and devices, as well as becoming priced at under $200, it is probably your very best alternative.
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