I hope someone can help me about the next scenario:

Epygi quadro 16Xi (3 ISDN trunks) upgraded to the latest firmware

Extensions (111-177)
Call routing table: 1{11-77} --- PBX---- call to extension
?* ---ISDN trunks---- call to PSTN
The client doesn’t want 9 for calling pstn numbers -they dial directly pstn numbers.
So everything is working ok. Now they want to extend trunk lines.
We have in our office Quadro FXO gateway (6 FXO) (not ISDN gateway). So my questions are:
1. Is it possible to extend IP PBX with ISDN with Quadro FXO, or we must use Quadro ISDN? The problem could be in Call routing table where must add same route ?* but with FXO shared trunks. Should the metric be the same or higher?
2. On Quadro 16xi on default settings could I accomplish to have dial tone when dial 9 (and then I want to hear PSTN tone for free line)
Sharing Quadro FXO lines with Quadro 16xi is simple with the manual.
Just to say that Quadro FXO and Quadro 16X (4 FXO trunks) in above scenario is working, because I have one route:
?* FXO
port(s): Any Port
Any Port@

Thanks in advance.